Let’s Chat About The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

We are excited to announce a brand new chat topic for our Thursday nights on Twitter. Starting on April 18, 2013 and going through the summer, we invite you to join #BEECHrt for a discussion of the wisdom and inspiration in The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

The $100 Startup Twitter Chat @BEECHRetreat

Chris was kind enough to send the each of the creative team her own copy of this amazing book. Reading the book is not required for participation in the chats, but we encourage you to get your own copy. You will be motivated as you read his stories of ordinary people who created meaningful and profitable microbusinesses with very few resources.

Twitter Chat Schedule for $100 Startup

4/18 Pro  The microbusiness revolution — transforming your hobby or passion into a business model.
4/25 Ch 1  Unexpected entrepreneurs find where their passion/skill overlaps with what is useful to others.
5/2 Ch 2  Providing value by knowing what people really want.
5/9 Ch 3  The follow-your-passion business model.
5/16 p. 69  Becoming your own publisher.
5/23 Ch 5  Understanding your audience.
5/30 Ch 6  Explaining your business with a mission statement and getting to the first sale.
6/6 Ch 7  Creating an irresistable offer with real value.
6/13 Ch 8  Launching strategies and tactics.
6/20 Ch 9  How to promote your microbusiness and still have time to create.
6/27 Ch 10  Creating a profitable microbusiness with no or little start up money; tips for earning money.
7/4 na  Independence Day, USA chat cancelled
7/11 Ch 11  How to grow your business.
7/18 Ch 12  Hiring help, outsourcing, and forging partnerships.
7/25 Ch 13  Maintaining your microbusiness long-term; choosing to stay small or grow.
8/1 Ch 14  Facing our fears; taking risks; enjoying success.
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  1. What a great lineup!! Thanks for posting it. 

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