Breathe. Just breathe. Have you ever wanted the ability to hit the pause button in the craziness of the everyday? BEECH is the answer. BEECH is a creative, hands-on learning retreat dedicated to empowering bloggers to sharpen their skills, renew their vision, and broaden their influence.

What does BEECH include?


- The heart of BEECH will be hands-on mastermind sessions taught by individuals who have a passion for sharing their knowledge of social media, design, photography, blogging, SEO, time management, leadership and more. We’ve created space within the weekend to go beyond the knowledge and supplement it with the doing.

Intimate sessions include a speaker followed by an intentional time of implementing those secrets you just learned. We love information, but we also need the opportunity to try it out. At BEECH you will get involved: work on those Pinterest images, refine your niche, plan content. We’ll supply the high-speed Internet, mentorship, and time to put those social media skills and networking into practice.

Letting Go

-  BEECH is designed to be a relaxed learning environment– you won’t have the pressure of rushing from seminar to seminar and choosing from multiple break-out sessions…although you might have the pressure of those beautiful beaches calling to you. Don’t worry—we’ve included ample time to simply sit in the sand and be still.


- At BEECH you will be immersed in the beautiful South Florida landscape at the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, where all your needs will be catered to. Fly into the Ft. Myers Airport (RSW), January 31-February 3. Trade in your warm winter coats for fun flip-flops. The South Seas Island Resort is an amazing experience—and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

So really, what are you waiting for? You love blogging. You love learning. You love growing. This experience will allow you to do just that. Bold. Equipped. Empowered. Changers.  That is BEECH.

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