The BEECH Personal Sponsorship Guidelines

We’re a blogging retreat, right? We want you to rest and have a fabulous time and, well, not worry about that bottom-line dollar. For many of you that means obtaining a personal sponsorship.

BEECH is about connections, fostering relationships, delving deeper into the fabulous world of blogging, and, of course, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful South Florida sun and weather. We know you’ll be blessed by your time here, and we want this to be a time of growth, encouragement, and rest.

Sponsorships are great; in fact, they’re awesome. Go after them and support the company or companies that you love. BEECH supports personal sponsors, but we do ask that you follow these guidelines out of respect for our official BEECH sponsors. Let’s face it—without those amazing companies, the BEECH Retreat would just be a thought. A retreat of this size takes a great deal of time, effort, planning, and resources. The actual cost of the BEECH Retreat is far more than what we are charging for tickets; this is why we want to honor our official sponsors. We are incredibly grateful for the companies that have linked arms with BEECH so that these days of bloggy goodness actually happen.

Thus, we ask that you strictly adhere to the personal sponsorship policy.

You may list your sponsor on the back of your business card. However, within the BEECH main sites, during the sponsored meals and parties, attendees will not be allowed to hand out personal swag or leave swag/information on site, including literature, brochures, or other items. We need the public areas to be fully devoted to supporting our wonderful BEECH sponsors. Please note that failure to follow this policy could result in having your conference pass suspended.

You can offer your personal sponsor a great deal—ad space on your blog, tweets and thanks from the event, sponsored posts about how you love them, wearing cute clothes with their emblem, or carrying a bag—the options are truly endless. All we’re asking is that you keep the official public BEECH spaces free from promoting personal sponsors and truly respect the companies that have worked to make an event of this magnitude possible.

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